Market Never Sleeps.
But you do.


Create your strategy and leave the rest to ANTIDOTE! Whether it’s Scalp trading, Day trading, or Swing trading, you can develop strategies for every type of trade with Antidote”

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Minimize your risk!

Decide your entry capital and the number of trades you want to open simultaneously.

Cross margin or isolated margin? The choice is yours!

The leverage setting is in your hands! Determine the leverage level before entering trades!

Make your trades safer by using the Bollinger Band indicator.

Limit potential losses with the Stop Loss feature!

Open position based on candlestick rise rate!

ANTIDOTE allows you to adapt your strategy to market volatility by opening SHORT positions only when there is a candlestick rise rate in coins according to your desired specific rate.

Automatic margin addition feature!

Are you at a loss in a trade? Do not worry!

ANTIDOTE automatically makes margin additions to existing positions according to the settings you have made to prevent liquidation!

Furthermore, apart from the margin additions you have set, ANTIDOTE automatically adds an extra margin below the liquidation price to protect you from liquidation!

Take precautions against risky coins!

Feeling that opening trades on certain coins is risky? Then add them to your blacklist. Once a coin is blacklisted, ANTIDOTE will not open trades for those coins!

Alternatively, if you only want positions to be opened on specific coins, add them to your whitelist. This way, ANTIDOTE will only open trades for the coins you have selected!

Set a minimum market value for the coins you want to trade and take precautions against the risks posed by low-volume coins!

Your trades are under control!

According to the strategy you have set, ANTIDOTE will send you an e-mail after the last margin
addition has been triggered, notifying you that you need to switch to a Manuel Control!

ANTIDOTE closes trades when it reaches the profit percentage you've set.

The ability to open as many trades as you desire simultaneously.

Access to the exclusive ANTIDOTE Telegram channel for unlimited support.

Antidote Testimonials

I am glad

That's great to hear! It seems like ANTIDOTE has been helping you significantly, increasing your profit by 35% through continuous trading activities.

I'm no longer stressed!

Antidote's working logic is just perfect for me. Experiencing the comfort of only monitoring my account without getting into the stress of trading is wonderful!"


Antidote increased my profit by 35% by opening trades constantly throughout the day .I can always get help from the customer service if I need.

Strategy Genius!

Being able to create different strategies based on the market and my workload allows me to have opportunities to make money at any time of the day.

There's nothing better!

Today alone it entered 40 trades and I exited all of them with the desired profit percentage. I'm so glad I met Antidote. It's perfect.

London - UK
Out of the box

Antidote really does what it promises. It is an ideal bot especially for those who work long hours. It is impossible to be unsuccessful with Antidote!

Great Customer Service

Antidote gives confidence with great customer service that helps with everything. I have received the answer to every question I have asked so far.


Track your trades from anywhere!

Rest assured! Thanks to Binance API integration, you can track the trades opened by ANTIDOTE on your mobile phone, no matter where you are!

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Alpha Community

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Antidote, specifically designed for Binance Futures, opens SHORT positions based on the candlestick uptrend rate you set.

Antidote is a versatile crypto trading bot that allows you to create and implement strategies for various trading styles, such as scalp trading, swing trading, and day trading. It aims to take charge of managing trading psychology on your behalf, preventing decisions made out of panic and stress.

With customizable trading settings, automatic margin addition feature, the option to switch to manual control at any time, and advanced security features, Antidote will become your most reliable partner in the crypto market.

With Antidote, you will no longer be burdened by pressure and stress during trades and you will experience the joy of achieving success.

Success in the world of cryptocurrencies has never been easier with Antidote!


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